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No Nonsense Alcohol Beverage Policy

Our alcohol beverage policy is based upon two statutes under current Colorado law. The first statute,#11-408, deals with the distribution of alcoholic beverages. This law states that a license must be issued by the Colorado division of Alcohol, Firearms & Tobacco in order to distribute alcohol. A Advantage Limousine  Therefore, does not provide alcohol to our passengers. It is quite acceptable for you to byob please see second stature.

The second statute, #11-504, deals with the transportation or possession of alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle. This law states that it is illegal for anyone to transport or drink alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle. However, passengers in the rear compartment of a limousine are exempt from this law. As a result, we will allow our adult passengers to drink in our limousines. No minor under 21 years of age is allowed to drink in our vehicles.

During prom season, we are often asked by schools and parents to insure that no drinking goes on in our vehicles. Be assured that we make the safety of your children our major concern. We do not condone or allow the use of alcohol by minors under any circumstances. And we encourage our chauffeurs to notify our corporate office if any situation gets out of control, so that parents can be informed.

We feel strongly that we have adopted a policy that protects both A Advantage Limousine and our passengers. the insurance and safety nightmares that would occur if we did not abide by Colorado law are obvious. Please do not ask us to make exceptions to these rules - we do not want to compromise your safety - or ours.

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