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How To Find the Right Limo Company


We came across this do's and don't list for hiring a limousine company. We believe these are very good questions, however if you ask any limousine company these questions, what will you get? Think about it, if a company is doing something wrong, are they going to tell you about it?
No, they are going to tell you what you want to here!

Every year the local TV stations try to do a story for Prom season and every year it's just not enough. Two years ago they did a spot about every limousine must have a PUC sticker in the window. What they didn't tell you was every year every valid company gets a letter from the PUC asking how many $5.00 stickers they want. Which means if I have one limousine in my fleet I can order 20 stickers at a cost of $100.00 total, with no questions asked. What happens to those other 19 stickers? This is not proof it only keeps us honest people honest!

Insurance is very difficult subject and very important. Commercial insurance ranges from $250.00 per month to $1000.00 per month per limousine depending on the size of the limousine under 14 passenger has a min.$1,000,000.00 liability under 30 passenger has $1,500,000.00 liability over 30 has a liability $5,000,000.00. If a company has any limos in the larger sizes they are required to insure all their fleet at that rate. If a company is caught without the proper coverage there license to do  business is revoked by the PUC. The problem is there are not enough PUC agents to cover everything. As you can imagine it you had to save money to compete this is where you begin to do it.

Local affiliations are important - Last year we started a campaign telling people this was the best way to check. Well it was the best way then and is still mostly good. Company's like the BBB have let in a few questionable firms, because they wanted the fees. The good news is they still have there overall record. But you must check the record not just the fact the are in the BBB.

How long has a company been in business? I love this question because here you can find out a lot about the company. If a company started in 1985 and went bankrupt in 2003 then started under a new name but close to the old name have they been in business for the whole time? Of course not! but some will tell you they have. What should that tell you?

OK! Here's the list of questions the first four are the most important! But, the are all good ways to check on the company you are looking at! We have giving all the links we can find so you can check us or any other company out

To ensure that you select the appropriate Limousine/transportation provider for your Prom or Homecoming transportation needs, please review the following suggestions:


  1. Inquire about the limousine company’s license and operating authority. Limousine and transportation companies are required to have Federal authority to operate their vehicles from the Department of Transportation as well as local State operating authority. Limousine Companies with such licenses are regulated and thus more likely to provide the consumer with satisfactory service.

    Licensed by the Colorado P.U.C
    Did you know that approximately 60% of the limousine companies license to do business 
    in the state of Colorado have been revoked! 
    Would you like to check on us as well as any or all limousine licenses in Colorado 
    Click the link below then
    scroll down to the box marked Type of Permit, Click on Luxury Limousines, don't add anything else, click Submit Permit Query button this might take a minute because the list is very long.

    Public Utilities Commission for Colorado

    State of Colorado Seal - Department of Regulatory Agencies - Public Utilities Commission Banner

    A Advantage PUC number is LL-00983

    A Advantage Colorado Department of Transportation number is US DOT 1119479 CO


  2. Inquire about the Limousine Company’s Insurance. There are unfortunately numerous companies around that do not carry the proper commercial insurance coverage on their fleet to protect the consumer in the event of an accident or other mishap. A reputable Limousine Company will have the required commercial insurance coverage and will have no problem providing you with a Certificate of Coverage, if asked. A Proper certificate insures you that they have insurance, however there are some company's that can disguse this as well, either by using a copy machine or sending you one from another limo that is covered. What you can do is make sure it has a VIN number on it and when your limo shows up make sure it's the right one! Also make sure to call the insurance company to verify they made certificate for you and your party!

  3. Inquire about the Limousine Company’s affiliations with reputable /organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, The National Limousine Association as well as their local Livery Association. Memberships with any of the above and other related organizations is an indication that you are dealing with a professional, reliable Company.

    Below are three most important affiliations in order of importance with a link to each one!

    LAOC - "Limousine Association of Colorado"

    NLA - "National Limousine Association"

    BBB - "Better business Bureau" The easiest way to search is by phone number make sure you click the phone button or it  won't work

  4. Inquire about the number of years the limousine company has been in business. Experience is a key factor. Companies that have been in business for a number of years will most likely be more reliable and provider better service than those with little or no experience.

    Colorado Secretary of State Business name search
    Our business name is Colorado Mirror Images LLC dba A Advantage Limousine and new dba Advantage Limousine

  5. Inquire about the chauffeurs qualifications, licenses, and permits.

    At A Advantage our chauffeurs are required to carry with them copies of there file, which include driving record, CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) check, photo copy of drivers license,  DIA badges

    15 passengers and above
    CDL with P2 endorsement, copies of their drug test results,

  6. Inquire about evidence of the Companies performances from past clients. Excellent references from other customers will minimize the possibility of service problems.

    Here is a link to what our customers say about us
  7. As to see the vehicle you are interested in reserving. If you don’t have time to go and visit the Limousine Company’s showroom personally, ask the company to email photo(s) of their limo(s) or other vehicles. This will ensure that you will not end up getting an old rundown limousine in lieu of the new white super stretch you were led to believe you would have. Be sure to check the year, make, model as well as the amenities inside the vehicle.

    We highly recommend that you see any/and all limousines in person, we don't email photos because other limousine companies try to steal our photos and use them on their web site. However all photos on our site are of our real limousines (except where noted)

  8. Inquire about the size of the limousine you are interested in. The following is a brief description of the frequently used sizes:

    6 passenger Limousine, 8 passenger Limousine, 10 passenger Limousine, 12 passenger Limousine, and so on

     A Advantage limousines have all these limousine sizes 1-3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 20, 24, 25, and 30 passenger stretch limousines

  9. If renting more than one vehicle, i.e. a limousine, a bus, be sure to ask about discounts that may apply on the second vehicle. Many companies offer special discounted rates for multiple reservations.

    We feel our rates are already the best in town, but it would steal be based in the quote we give you!

  10. Inquire about overtime charges and overtime availability. Many Limousine Companies will charge you a full hour even if your time runs for example 10 minutes over the contracted time. Be sure to ask if it is possible for the Company to charge the overtime rate on 15 minute or 30 minute increments in the event of overtime. If your event ends early enough, most Limousine Companies will schedule subsequent jobs after your scheduled event. Because weddings are not always predictable, you may need the service longer than anticipated.

    At A Advantage we do have a grace period for our good clients of 15 minutes (one hour rates excluded) but if you go over that to 16 minutes we do charge only by the hour.
  11. Once you have selected a Limousine Company to provide your service, ask for a detailed contract of your reservation. Your contract should include the date of service, the time of pickup, number of hours you have reserved the vehicle, the year, make, model and color of the vehicle, the total price of the contract, including chauffer fee, overtime charges, and routing information, i.e pickup and drop off.

    We are always happy to email or fax this information

  12. Important Pointer: Make sure a parent or a legal guardian over the age of 18 signs the Contract with the Limousine Company. The Contract should also contain language detailing the Company’s policies regarding cancellations, deposits and the company’s liability in the event they are unable to provide the service. This will eliminate the possibility of your Limousine not showing up or canceling your reservation because the company was able to get a more feasible profit from another contract.

    We are always happy to email or fax this information

  13. Inquire whether the Limousine Company will have a live person available during the scheduled event, should you require any assistance. If not, be sure to obtain a contact phone number of an operating manager or other individual in charge.

    At A Advantage we always have a live dispatcher on duty if we have a limousine out!

  14. WORD OF CAUTION: Because of State regulations, most companies are concerned about losing and have lost their licenses and operating authorities during prom season because of passengers smuggling alcohol and other illegal items inside limousines. Most companies will thoroughly search the vehicle before and after rendering transportation services.

    Please see this link for A Advantage's alcohol policy

  15. To ensure that you get full usage of your limousine, here are a few other tips that may assist you:

    Get everyone to gather in one location. This will eliminate wasting unnecessary time for multiple pickups;

    Provide the company in advance with all pickup and drop off addresses so that the driver has full directions in advance and will not get lost;

    Bring your favorite CDs to listen to your favorite tunes during your rides; and

    Bring a camera to take pictures of your unforgettable night.

A Advantage limousines have all these limousine sizes 1-3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 20, 24, 25, and 30 passenger stretch limousines

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