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We would like to start off by saying we will be happy to show you any and all paper work to prove any of the following statements! Please think about this before hiring just any limo company. If you ask someone in the limo business if they are insured what are they going to say? Well no we don't have any? of course not they will say sure we are fully insured. By the way full coverage insurance is not commercial insurance! Commercial insurance is required by the PUC of Colorado!

A Advantage limousines have all these limousine sizes 1-3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 24, 25, 26, and 30 passenger stretch limousines

2000 Lincoln Town Car

Our limousine fleet speaks louder than words
We believe we have the complete fleet in Denver, but that's not all.
All of our limousines are licensed for DIA, This is a very important statement, because at DIA only licensed PUC limousines are allowed on the 5th level, and only chauffeurs with a security badge are allowed past the concrete barrier. All limousines are required to be on the 5th level only! If a company say's they will pick you up anywhere else, BEWARE! All limos have E-470 transponders for fast access! Now you may be saying so what I'm not going to the airport, but think about it, if the limo company you hire can't go there, are they a legal company?

We are a proud member of the National limousine association
NLA membership unites peers in a powerful way. By pooling the resources and knowledge of thousands of operators from around the world, the National Limousine Association is able to accomplish goals far beyond the scope of any single limousine company.

We are a proud member of the limousine association of Colorado 
We believe the purpose of the Limousine Association of Colorado is to establish a standard of excellence in business and service operations of limousine companies. To promote cooperation among operators and the public. To represent a membership of united livery operators. The association and its members conduct business in a moral and ethical manner at all times.

Legal authorization to operate in Colorado
The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regulates the luxury limousine industry to ensure we are operating within their guidelines and regulations. There are some companies that are not licensed and don't conform to the policies of the PUC. Always make sure the limousine company you choose is licensed and in good standing with the PUC, or you will fine yourself in a bind, when they get caught! You can check here
State of Colorado Seal - Department of Regulatory Agencies - Public Utilities Commission Banner Click here

LIMO WIZ - software computer scheduling program simply the best in the business.
Teletrac - Fleet director, knows where our limos are at all times, safe and productive around the clock
In house web master

We Discount Rates
Not Service!

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